Frequently Asked Questions

What sorts of products can ProFS process?
What about security?
What Ecommerce platforms can ProFS handle?
How long does it take to setup service?
Do you have an API to connect to my shipping cart?
Can I see my inventory and order status real-time?
How do I prepare goods to send to you?
What carrier options to you provide for shipping my goods?
Where are your fulfilment centres located?
Do you charge for storage?
Do you include despatch notes with my orders?
Can I send orders from multiple selling channels?
What packing options do you provide?
Do you accept returns from my customers?
Do you provide services for importing goods from my suppliers?
Can ProFS act as importer of record?
What sort of value added services can you offer?
Do you have a minimum order quantity?
Do you charge a fixed monthly fee?
How quickly do you send the orders?