Pick Pack Despatch


Pick Pack Despatch are the most Critical parts of the Ecommerce Fulfilment operation.

You are an ecommerce retailer looking for a 3PL to look after your order pick pack despatch. Simple? Well not that simple! What you are really looking for is someone to do one of the most important jobs for your company – deliver on the promise you made when a customer clicked and paid for a product on your website.

It all started when a customer clicked “buy” on your website checkout screen. They had enjoyed browsing the product range and were delighted you had just what they wanted, at the right price and the shipping options indicated it could be delivered the next day, perfect.

Picking, packing and despatching orders on the face of it is a simple job, get the product, put it in a box and give it to delivery company – easy. In a leading 3PL this job is the combination of good process, leading edge IT systems and well trained personnel. At ProFS we have evolved this simple process over many years to enable high quality, job efficiency and scalability of service. You need an order picked, packed and despatched at 6.00pm – our processes and automated links to courier partners will enable that to happen.

Remember that pick pack despatch is just part of the end-to-end chain of events that result in customers being happy. Our technology has been integrated throughout the supply chain to ensure we connect all pieces together; starting with order data arriving from your sales channel to despatch instructions being sent to our courier, making sure they know that the customer wants their parcel delivered at a specific time.

Our pick pack despatch processes have been refined and are optimized for the benefit of customers. We have multiple barcode scan checks to make sure the right product is picked and shipped, we have recorded all the data about the order, the weight and dimensions of the items and even the customs code in the event we need to ship it to an international destination.

Our systems can calculate the most effective route for operations staff to take around the warehouse and pick the order which is good for the Ops team as it reduces travel time around the warehouse and means they will be more productive and hit efficiency targets as well as ensuring the customers’ order is picked and packed as quickly as possible.

When it comes to packing, we scan each item into the box to make sure it is correct and we can add branded address labels and packing slips to ensure as soon as the customer receives the item she is continuing your brand journey. The customer will also receive a nicely branded email explaining that the item has been despatched and should they need to track it they will have the tracking details of the courier as well. If you need to check on the customer order status then we will provide you with access to your own order and inventory portal.

Once we have prepared the item for shipping it is ready to go on the last leg of its journey. Like any link in a chain this is just as important as all the others and so our choice of carrier or postal company is vital to ensure the order is delivered as expected. Our systems also come into play again holding data about the requests or “rules” about how they would like the item shipped.

Is it an economy item that will get that at the best price and keep you monthly costs as low as possible? Or is it an important item that needs to arrive next day and with a courier brand that matches your brand value? We will have discussed all of the rules and shipping options with you ahead of time and we can then let the IT systems take care of things. Of course our shipping partner or courier will also take a hand in informing all parties of the packet journey – which reduces call-centre costs but most importantly makes customers happy and ready to buy from you again.

Pick pack despatch – simple if you are working with the right partner.