Benefits of Partnering with Pro FS

Benefits of Partnering with Pro FS

Joining forces with Pro FS will elevate your customers delivery experience in the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond. That’s our commitment. To achieve this, we’ve crafted an e-fulfilment solution that ensures our collaboration is seamless, maximizing your revenue and delighting your customers.

Our new automated warehouse in Milton Keynes places us at the heart of the UK’s golden triangle, reaching every UK household within 24hrs. You will be partnering with a company, and more importantly people, who have decades of experience in this sector. In a world full of VC funded businesses, its good to know that Pro Fs is wholly owned by its founders.

Pro FS Geek+ RoboShuttle System

Our revolutionary Geek+ robotic picking and storage system, ensures error-free, fast, dust- free, and theft-resistant storage and order-picking. Warehouse space utilization is greatly enhanced, thus further driving efficiencies compared to traditional warehouses.

Our case-to-person system acts as a mobile automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS), in which mobile robots move totes for picking, putaway, and return handling. The Geek+ RoboShuttle system is an all-in-one picking and storage solution coordinating two types of robots around several centralized workstations.

RS8 RoboShuttles handle vertical storage and retrieval of totes at up to 8 metres in height, whilst the P40 picking robots present individual totes to the order consolidation windows.

Pro FS operators are presented with the totes and pick the items required. At this point, the products are placed in an order tray within our integrated pick2light system, ensuring that all products, for all orders, are gathered in the same tray ready for presentation to the packing teams. 

 Pro FS currently has over 10,000 tote locations, allowing between 40,000-60,000 SKU types to be stored and processed. This highly scalable system can expand to well over 100,000 locations between 400,000-600,000 unique SKUs.

This state-of-the-art warehousing solution ensures our storage and order picking are flawless, swift, dust-free, theft-preventative, and cost-effective. Unlike some of our competitor “cube type” storage and retrieval systems, all totes are easily accessible by humans should an error ever occur.

Online & Real-Time Dashboard

Managing stock effectively can be challenging. That’s why our real-time dashboard provides all the insights you need regarding orders and products. These tools offer a comprehensive view of your stock levels, stock arrivals and dispatches. By presenting real-time, insightful information, we keep you ahead of the competition.

Effortless Integration

Easy integration with our systems is vital. Our dedicated team of expert programmers is ready to assist, ensuring your shop is up and running in as little as 24 hours. With an extensive API and existing integrations with major platforms like Magento, Shopify, Netsuite and WooCommerce, integration is a breeze.

Streamlined Return Solutions

Pro FS offers excellent, fast, and affordable return solutions. Customers can generate their own labels directly via the carriers once authorisation has been approved, simplifying the process for your customers.

Full scanning technology is employed throughout the operation. This delivers an order accuracy better than 99.9%. 

Best in class carrier partners

Pro FS leverages a network of postal and courier networks across multiple countries. This network benefits both Pro FS and its clients, enhancing our offerings. Unlike some of our competitors, we are not owned by a postal or courier organisation, meaning we can offer you the best choices for you….not us!

Pro FS’ 20 years of experience provide you with class leading fulfilment services alongside advice to enhance your online store. Our fulfilment centre delivers practical and effective solutions. Contact us today and receive a response tomorrow.