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European eCommerce Fulfilment

3PL for European eCommerce Fulfilment

Looking for European eCommerce Fulfilment? Profulfilment is an internationally experienced 3PL with multiple eCommerce fulfilment locations across Europe. We speak your language and give you the same level of service you would expect at home. We are the partner that can handle the responsibility of managing this critical part of your business and has the experience to do it right.

The “European Union” may sound like a wonderfully harmonized market with one shared currency, yet the reality ‘on the ground’ is vastly different. There are some key barriers to entry that should be carefully considered before taking the leap of faith. The English language will get you far, but different cultures require different strategies. Tax and import regulations still vary from country to country.

European market regulations for eCommerce are also subject to ongoing changes and it may be hard to keep up when you’re not actually based in Europe. Partnering with the right European eCommerce Fulfilment company will lower cost, speed up the process and give you peace of mind.

As recently as December 1st 2016, the European Commission unveiled a series of measures to improve the Value Added Tax (VAT) environment for eCommerce businesses in the EU. These proposals will allow consumers and companies, in particular start-ups and SMEs, to buy and sell goods and services more easily online.

By introducing an EU-wide portal for online VAT payments (the ‘One Stop Shop’), VAT compliance expenses will be significantly reduced, saving businesses across the EU €2.3 billion a year. The new rules will also ensure that VAT is paid in the Member State of the final consumer, leading to a fairer distribution of tax revenues among EU countries. Read the Press Release.

Profulfilment can help you take full advantage of this opportunity. eCommerce in Europe grew by 12% in 2015 and generated total online sales of goods and services worth around 500 billion euros in 2016. The opportunity is only growing faster, so isn’t it about time to rethink your strategy for European eCommerce Fulfilment?

Profulfilment specialize in European eCommerce Fulfilment of retail goods, saving our international customers thousands of dollars on last mile shipping costs and ensuring their sales grow in Europe and the UK. We give you the added benefits of faster delivery and no customs hold ups.

Profulfilment have been looking after International companies selling in Europe for over 15 years. We are approachable and value spending the time building a quality relationship with our clients. This insures that we are well placed to deliver on our fulfilment promise.

Freight Services

We arrange air and sea freight for many of our clients from for instance China into Europe, but also into the USA from the UK.

Customer Service & Support

As your partner, we offer outstanding customer support. Happy customers is what makes us tick.

Inventory Management

Stock checks, expiry date management, replenishment and goods in routines with real time data through our systems.

End-to-end Services

Our service can be modular or span from Freight to Last Mile Delivery with every step in between.

Order Processing

Whether through a simple spreadsheet, FTP or an API, we will keep you in touch with the status of your orders.

Consulting Services

10 years of experience in the Global eCommerce Fulfilment business is a value you can benefit from.

Courier & Delivery Management

We work with most of the UK’s and Europe’s biggest postal operators and courriers. This means we can focus on speed and flexibility.

4PL Services

We offer full service for Brick-and-Mortar businesses that are ready to go online, or take it to the next level.


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