FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What sorts of products can ProFS process?
What sorts of products can ProFS process?

While ProFS does work with many products, there are certain products that we do not handle. These include food items requiring temperature control, hazardous materials, guns or ammunition, as well as items that are high value.

How secure are the ProFS warehouses?

Our warehouse is equipped with security cameras, fire suppression, pest control, and 24/7 alarm monitoring and random staff searches.

What shopping carts do you work with?

We have integrations to Shopify, Magento, eBay, Amazon as well as channel managers like Volo, Linnworks, Channeladvisor and also ERP systems including MNP and Khaos Control. We have a comprehensive API which enables us to connect to new platforms if required.

How long does it take to launch?

Typical client launches take between 4 and 6 weeks.

What APIs do ProFS have?

Yes full details can be found in our API document. You can request that document by sending us a quick message through the contact from.

Can I see my inventory and order status real-time?

Yes we provide you with your on login and password to see your entire inventory and order status and run reports.

How do I prepare goods to send to you?

We require product information, ideally an ASN which includes SKU details, barcode information and quantities which can be loaded automatically into our WMS. Packing of goods should enable easy separation and validation of products when they arrive.

What carrier options to you provide for shipping my goods?

We work with most of the major carriers including Royal Mail, DHL, DPD, Yodel, Hermes, Whistl Spring, Swiss Post, WNDirect, Fedex, USPS and others.

Where are your fulfilment centres located?

We have 2 fulfilment centres in the UK, and 1 in Zurich for low value goods.

Do you charge for storage?

We charge by pallet or picking rack. A picking rack will hold a certain amount of SKU’s dependent on size and stock turn.

Do you include despatch notes with my orders?

Yes, we print a packing slip to accompany all orders which can be multi-lingual, multi-brand and include returns information.

Can I send orders from multiple selling channels?

Yes, we can provide multiple channels for your receiving your orders if different formats. If, however synchronisation of your stock levels is important we recommend you use some form of channel management software.

What packing options do you provide?

We have many packaging options from basic bubble bags to specially designed flat pack cartons. We carry many consumables as stock items.

Do you accept returns from my customers?

Yes, we can process returns for you and provide you with returns management portal so you can see what is going on.

Do you provide services for importing goods from my suppliers?

Yes, we provide global air and sea freight services to arrange transportation of goods for you.

Can ProFS act as importer of record?

No, we ask all of our customers to perform this function.

What sort of value added services can you offer?

We are able to offer a multi-centre service to optimise your supply chain, we have specialist experience in LVCR solutions and we handle B2B as well as B2C solutions.

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

Yes, our processes and service model are optimized for medium to large sized retailers shipping from 2,000 orders per month and upwards.

Do you charge a fixed monthly fee?

No, if you are shipping order quantities that we have agreed together then we’re not charging extra fees.

How quickly do you send the orders?

We process orders continuously up to an agreed cut off time depending on the fulfilment centre in question – this can be as late as 18.00 depending on the carrier utilised. More often 3.00pm is the cut off time.