Pro FS’ Fulfilment Process

Pro FS’ Fulfilment Process

Online retailing is a competitive environment. At Pro FS, we believe that our clients would prefer to focus on being successful retailers rather than logistics experts. This makes sense, as the skill sets and requirements of the two activities are very different. Owners of online shops have more than enough to think about without having to worry about packing and shipping orders to customers. With processes and technology that have been refined over 20 years, we believe that we are the perfect fit for your business.

Our team and our Pro FS Robots assist you with your e-fulfilment in six easy steps!


All incoming goods are unloaded, either as cartons or pallets. The delivery is then inspected and sorted ready for inspection. The delivery will occupy a dedicated receipt lane, from where it will be recorded in our warehouse management system. We will work with you to ensure that your suppliers organize and present your stock in the most efficient fashion for this process to be as cost effective as possible.

Inventory Management

We utilize a Geek+ RoboShuttle system at Pro FS. Your stock will either be directly placed within the systems’ storage totes or may be spread between the totes and bulk storage, depending on SKUs size and the size of the delivery. Your goods are stored in a manner that lessens the risk of dust contamination and theft, whilst stored in a highly space efficient manner. This system also lessens the warehouse space requirement for stock storage. As totes within the system become low on stock, we can trigger a rapid stock count to ensure stock integrity within the tote. This is a very efficient way of delivering rolling stock counts. 

Order Picking

As orders arrive in our WMS, they are batched to ensure greatest picking efficiency. The orders are then sent automatically to the Geek+ RoboShuttle system, and the process of bringing the stock to the pickers begins. Not only is this more efficient, but it also ensures that the risk of errors is kept to a minimum.


Orders are packed manually at the Pro FS warehouse. All products are scanned again at this stage, further reducing the risk of miss-picks/packs.
After years of research and careful consideration, we believe that fully automated packing lines are a potential single point of failure that risks our ability to despatch your orders on time. If the right criteria are met, we are able to use clients’ own bespoke packaging.


We offer a very wide range of shipping partners. Whilst we do have suppliers who we might recommend, we always allow the ultimate choice of carrier to sit with you, our client. Your options will vary in cost, tracking visibility and speed of delivery. We also provide our clients with a comprehensive “carrier data sheet”, which explains all the details relating to our carrier partners, ranging from max dims and weights, through to customer support terms and conditions. Unlike some of our competitors, who are owned by postal businesses, we empower you, our client, to decide who carries your orders.


Returned goods are examined and either placed into quarantine, or prepared for resale and returned to stock within the Geek+ RoboShuttle system.
We offer a range of return carrier options, which can be discussed and chosen to suit you and your customers’ needs.

Pro FS’ 20 years of experience provide you with class leading fulfilment services alongside advice to enhance your online store. Our fulfilment centre delivers practical and effective solutions. Contact us today and receive a response tomorrow.