Order Picking

Order Picking for Online Shop Fulfilment at Pro FS

Order picking is a critical element of e-fulfilment. At Pro FS, we ensure all order-items are meticulously and efficiently picked. Once items have been retrieved by our Robots, products are scanned to ensure accuracy. Orders are then completed by transferring picked items to the “pick to light wall”, in preparation for the packing stage.

Our Geek+ RoboShuttle system ensures that the order picking process is remarkably efficient. This system comprises a racking framework where all products are safely and cleanly stored in plastic bins. Upon receiving an order, Geek+ robots travel along the narrow isles to retrieve the correct bins.

The robots convey the bins to our operators, who can then effortlessly pick the right products for each order. Our method guarantees products are ready for the packing process in record time, making the entire order picking process as swift and as accurate as possible.

Here’s How Order Picking and Consolidation Works at Pro FS

Our clients have access to our WMS system portal and are able to see the progress of their orders in real time. The intelligent Geek+ RoboShuttle system, coupled with rigorous scanning processes makes picking errors exceptionally rare. Pro FS thus offers contractual guarantees regarding picking errors in our SLAs.

More Information

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