Why Choose ProFulfilment?

I often ask myself why anyone would want to choose ProFS as their fulfilment partner.
After all, anyone who is willing to outsource their fulfilment is effectively handing over their baby….possibly the culmination of their last 5 or 10 years of work and ultimately their future business success.

Don’t misunderstand me, we are clearly not the only potential point of failure that a business may come across, but assuming that they present to us a successful business, they have to have complete confidence that we can and will deliver excellence.

What do we strive to deliver (no pun intended) for our clients?

What are our core values and goals?

Firstly, we must have a cultural fit between businesses. Whilst we are all evolving and changing, we need to share core values, beliefs and ways of working. I make it known from the beginning that my door is always open, clients will have my personal contact details and I encourage contact, whether it’s positive or otherwise.

Good communications between the ProFS team and our clients are absolutely critical. Without this we are immediately on the back foot.

A clear understanding of the importance of process and discipline in adhering to it is also vital. Fulfilment providers clearly can’t rely on “old Joe” knowing what stock is where in the pick-face, despite the fact that our potential clients may have been operating in this way.

Sharing Core Company Values

Good Communications

Process and Discipline

Trust and Can Do Attitude

Trust and a positive and swift attitude to fixing issues between us is also key. Our Clients need to feel that we really do understand how critical a component we are to their success. Being dismissive or only mildly interested is also not acceptable behaviour within ProFS. Being fully engaged with our Clients’ needs and concerns gives them the confidence that we are all on the same team. Respect comes high on the list too, and of course the mutual variety is always the most “fulfilling”.

There are of course many more behaviours or actions that come into play when forming a successful working relationship and it is very much a two-way street.

I will share more in the coming weeks.


Chris Vautier

Chris’ approach to business is pragmatic and to the point. Having always been self-employed he understands first-hand the entrepreneurial nature of e-commerce markets and what it takes to succeed. A hands-on and open approach is central to his style. Asked what makes his leadership different he states his preference for clear, honest and effective communication both internally and externally as well as a core focus on service delivery; “getting the job done well, and now!” lies at the heart of his and the company’s success. Above all, Chris recognizes that ProFS cannot succeed unless it’s clients do.