Pro FS

Global e-Commerce Fulfilment Services

We operate multiple warehouses in the UK, Switzerland, Europe, China and the USA. We can design an end to end supply chain solution for your business that will improve efficiency, increase your profits and can even save you capital. We also have non-EU fulfilment centres that can provide tax advantages, allowing you to make significant cost savings.

chart feat box ProFS Benefits

  • Grow your global consumer base without capital or infrastructure
  • Reduce your shipping charges - we get you lower rates because we ship large volumes
  • Reduce your freight charges - we consolidate air and sea freight to get you the best prices
  • Reduce your costs for warehouse and pick and pack - simply with our economy of scale
  • Improve your cashflow by using one of our bonded warehouses
  • Reduce your tax bill by using one of our centres outside of Europe for low value goods
  • Manage your customers’ returns efficiently - fast and efficient even at peak times

Simple Solutions for e-Commerce Order Fulfilment

At ProFS, we are a specialist professional e-commerce fulfilment centre for distance sellers and e-commerce businesses. We can supply the infrastructure, multi-warehouse IT systems, staff, and know-how to fully support your operation with a fulfilment solution including service guarantees, allowing you to focus on the front-end of your business rather than the logistics and order picking! e-Commerce services for UK retailers in China ProFS can help you expand into the Chinese marketplace with little capital cost and high service quality. Find out how by contacting us now about our new Guangzhou fulfilment centre.