Receiving and Storage

Receipt and Storage of E-Fulfilment Products

Accurate receipt and storage of products are essential for successful and efficient e-commerce fulfilment. Proper preparation of stock by suppliers is paramount and enables our Goods-in and stock teams to work in your best interests.

Pro FS has twenty years of expertise in these areas, and thanks to recent modernizations, these processes are executed with speed, accuracy and efficiency.


Every day, numerous deliveries arrive at Pro FS. All received goods are promptly unloaded, processed, and stocked. We report back to Clients on the accuracy of the delivery and share any discrepancies or anomalies.  

Pro FS’ product-receipt procedure is highly streamlined and efficient:


Our efficiency extends to the storage of all your suitably sized e-fulfilment products. Pro FS boasts over 200,000 cubic metres of warehouse space, including pallet locations, storage racks and Geek+ RoboShuttle Totes. We find the perfect storage location for every product, offering clients a cost-effective solution.

Geek+ RoboShuttle System

The real star of our storage facility is our unique Geek+ RoboShuttle system, utilized for both storage and order picking. This advanced system consists of a framework where tote bins with products are stacked and stored. The framework can accommodate an almost limitless number of SKUs. Starting with 10,000 bins, and up to 60,000 locations, our Geek+ RoboShuttle System can also be expanded up to 100,000 bins/600,000 locations, meaning scalability is never an issue. By minimizing space between bins, we use the available space more efficiently than in a traditional warehouse.

Geek+ robots traverse the framework, retrieving the right bins for incoming orders and transporting them to our operators for easy product retrieval, order collation and processing.

Highlights of Pro FS’ Storage Solution:

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Interested in learning more about product reception, storage, or Pro FS’ entire inventory management process? Explore our e-fulfilment page or contact us directly for further details.