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ProFS - Outsourcing Fulfilment for Distance Sellers

As experts in our field of services, ProFS can offer a complete or partial service for e-commerce retailers or distance selling companies looking to outsource their logistics supply chain. With our services, you can concentrate on the customer-facing aspects of your business while we take care of the freight, stock management, pick, pack and despatch – you can leave the laborious stuff to us! Here are all the components that make up our end to end service.

Improving your Supply Chain Efficiency

The efficiency of a business’s supply chain is an aspect of the order fulfilment process that can often go overlooked. For example, ask yourself how well you are managing your current supply of products from the time they enter your possession to the point they reach your customer. It’s a tough question to answer - how do you even go about measuring it, and by what standard? If you find yourself stumped, don’t be ashamed - you’re not alone by any means. [EXPAND Click to expand!]

Efficient Supply Chain Solutions from ProFS

ProFS have been helping customers to manage the efficiency of their supply chains for decades. We can advise you on how best to manage it, and we have tried and tested ways to help you measure its effectiveness. Our services will help you determine your current supply chain costs and identify where efficiencies can be enhanced. We can then, of course, develop a solution for you to implement the suggested efficiency savings.

As seasoned providers of supply chain solutions, ProFS are in the ideal position to help you assess your existing supply chain and give you expert advice on how it can be improved. [/EXPAND]

chart feat boxManaged Freight Deliveries from ProFS

The initial movement of your stock to a warehouse environment is, of course, a crucial part of a professional order fulfilment process - making the jump to warehousing can be what defines the growth of a small business into a larger one. Many sellers also import stock items from overseas, where manufacturing is cheaper, and collecting it all in one place is essential if orders are to be picked efficiently. [EXPAND Click to expand!]

ProFS’ freight services team are geared up to help you with all of your global freight needs. Whether your stock arrives by air, land, or sea, all customs documentation and commercial invoicing can all be administered by our team. Incoming deliveries will be fully managed, as will deliveries between our numerous warehouses throughout Britain, mainland Europe, and the Channel Islands.

We also provide reporting through our state-of-the-art tracking systems, which will keep you up to speed via an exclusive online portal. ProFS have a number of dedicated customer service and operational staff, who will ensure that even the most pressing of deadlines will be met with a minimum of fuss. [/EXPAND]

Global Warehouses

ProFS’ 6 distribution centres with over 150,000 sq ft of available space are perfect for distance sellers who are unable to – or simply not looking to – set up their own fulfilment and distribution centres. Warehouses and staff consume a lot of capital and expensive management time. [EXPAND Click to expand!] We want to take away that burden and provide you with a flexible service as part of the entire supply chain solution. From our mainland centres, we can provide superb distribution services for domestic deliveries. Packages of all sizes, ranging from large letters up to orders weighing over 30kg, can be catered for by our range of fulfilment services – including drop ship management and just in time processing – all of which feature end-to-end monitoring throughout all stages of processing. Our carriers will also track your orders through to delivery.

Tax Planning Advantages from our Channel Island Centre Situated in the Channel Islands, our offshore centre can provide fulfilment services for clients catering to both British and European consumer bases. This centre can also provide you with tax planning advantages associated with their location in the Channel Islands. Talk to us today for more information on these advantages.

European Fulfilment and Distribution from our Central Hub If your business caters to a significant number of customers in mainland Europe, then our distribution centre in Switzerland could give you the perfect base to easily reach your clientele. Ideally situated in Zurich at the very centre of the continent, our Swiss base provides a range of services to suit every need and the same high quality standards as our other bases. International freight services are available from this site, along with customs clearance and bonded warehouse services. This centre provides a great alternative to our UK and Channel Island services for clients aiming to reach a European consumer base.[/EXPAND]

Order Despatch as part of our E-Commerce Fulfilment Services

Once your orders have been confirmed, processed, picked and packed, the final stage of the order is despatch and delivery. It’s always frustrating when an order - or any other process - falls at the final hurdle, so how can you be sure that your orders will reach their destination safely? [EXPAND Click to expand!]

Outsourced Order Despatch Services

Having worked for years with distance sellers in numerous industries and from all across the UK and Europe, ProFS have picked up plenty of invaluable experience in despatching orders. We can advise you on the most appropriate delivery service for your particular products and even recommend trusted suppliers to get the job done for you.

With ProFS, you can rest assured that your orders - and your customers’ goods - are in safe hands. [/EXPAND]

Postal and Courier Integration

The final stage of order fulfilment comes in the form of delivering your products to their final destination. It is important for delivery to be carried out professionally, and that a trusted partner is selected for the job. [EXPAND Click to expand!]

With our years of experience in order fulfilment, ProFS have access to partners in many fields such as company management, IT hosting, and payment services, all of whom fit a world-class standard and will assist in providing you with a total supply chain solution.

A Wealth of Reputable Delivery Partners

In particular, ProFS have an enviable partner list of postal and couriers across the globe. We can guarantee that we will put you in touch with the right postal partner for your customers’ needs at the most competitive rates available. We also have integrations in place with many products such as Metapak and Royal Mail. [/EXPAND]

Quality processes

At ProFS, we have the staff, technology, and processes to equip your business with the capabilities to meet – and far exceed – your customers’ expectations. We guarantee that our services will ensure that your crucial processes will operate as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible in order to cater to your needs. [EXPAND Click to expand!] We aim looking to achieve ISO9001 accreditation in q3,2013 to further confirm our credentials in this area.

Our operators are dedicated to handling the entire process of stock purchase, receipt and put-away to ensure that orders are handled without incident or delay. The openness of our user-friendly systems allows customers to directly input purchase order data as products are bought in, with any faults or imperfections accurately reported. Likewise, the processing of consumer orders is stringently monitored and managed in an order-by-order manner so that full visibility can be maintained.


Offshore Fulfilment: More Advantages than Just a Great Service

In today’s environment, the e-commerce marketplace is hugely competitive and shows no signs of slowing down. With ProFS on your side, your business’ operation can be streamlined, turning it into a truly efficient competitor. Each of our non-UK centres is able to offer great value options on shipping, allowing us to provide a superior choice of service levels. [EXPAND Click to expand!]

Benefits Beyond the Logistical Based in Jersey and Switzerland, ProFS’ offshore fulfilment services come with all the perks of our superb logistics solutions, along with the added tax planning benefits that come with being situated in these parts of the world.

Being outside the European Union, our sites benefit from Low Value Consignment Relief (LVCR) legislation. Our centre in Zurich is ideally equipped to handle all your European mainland orders and UK orders up to a value of £15, while our Channel Island base can cover your European distribution on orders up to a value of €22, and are exempt from VAT.

World Class Partners in Fulfilment ProFS’ distribution centres are perfect for distance sellers who are unable to – or simply not looking to – set up their own fulfilment and distribution centres. Our partners in company management, IT hosting, and payment services are of a world-class standard and will assist in providing you with a total supply chain solution.

Ideal Partners for International Distribution As we have operational centres in the Channel Islands and mainland Europe, we can offer a high-quality, consummate distribution service that also benefits from LVCR legislation. This enables us to provide a total supply chain solution to businesses with a largely European customer base, complete with customs clearance and the benefit of our extensive experience in international freight.

A Complete End-to-End Strategic Fulfilment Solution Our outsourced fulfilment services aren’t just limited to pick-and-pack and shipping! We will also provide the IT infrastructure you require, including our superb Warehouse Management System, which has been developed with our partners from the ground up. The system is completely scalable and has detailed import and export functions.

Many shipping and distribution options are also available to suit your scale of operation and international needs – we can even recommend shipping partners for you! Furthermore, ProFS provide low-risk project management services to numerous clients – please speak to us today for more information on this topic.