Inventory Management

Inventory Management System: Pro FS Manages Your Inventory

Robust inventory management is the cornerstone of any fulfilment activity. From the time your goods arrive, to the time they leave on their journey to your customers, we ensure that the integrity of your stock remains intact. Without good inventory management, a fulfilment house would fail to deliver the high standards required by you, our client.

Why Outsource Your Inventory Management to Pro FS?

Most Efficient E-Fulfilment Warehouses in the UK and Europe

Pro FS operates one of the most efficient e-fulfilment warehouses in the UK and Europe. We can process millions of parcels annually. Our Geek+ RoboShuttle system streamlines inventory management and storage, with robots placing products in one of the warehouse’s 10,000 storage bins. Products are processed and ready for sale within 24 hours of receipt. Our storage system allows us to house up to five times more products per square meter, significantly reducing both our and your footprint for optimal sustainability.

Immediate Insight into Your Stock Levels

Receive automatically generated reports daily, detailing inventory level changes. You can log into your own portal within our WMS, and access this info, and much more, live! Want to know your stock quantities and when to reorder? Our inventory management system vigilantly monitors everything, enabling you to respond effectively to order volume peaks. You can access online reports of warehouse movements, inventory levels, and age analysis.

Tailor-Made Inventory Management System

Your business is unique, just like your products and customers. We customize our inventory management system to align perfectly with your specific needs and desires. Handling multiple suppliers or non-standard delivery times is no challenge for us. Whether you have products too large for our Geek+ RoboShuttle system and require standard shelving, we always find the right tailor-made solution.

Outsource Your Inventory Management?

Interested in outsourcing your inventory management and other e-fulfilment services? Contact Pro FS today. We’re eager to explore the possibilities with you.