Fulfilment Software

We utilise leading edge software and robotics to deliver efficient, reliable, scalable and flexible processes to ensure an unprecedented level of accuracy. Our core systems are hosted in a state-of-the-art data centre for unmatched resiliency and continuous availability. A user-friendly web-based portal gives you total visibility of your order and inventory data and a comprehensive API allows seamless real-time integration with your business systems.


We run the OrderFlow warehouse management system for both our inhouse fulfilment processes and our customer portal. Built from the ground up for B2C e-commerce fulfilment, the system has been comprehensively customized to align with our advanced processes.


We utilise state-of-the-art robotics to automate our picking, putaway and replenishment processes allowing us to achieve maximum efficiency and accuracy.


We integrate with a number of stores and channel management systems, and we also offer a comprehensive API for our clients who wish to develop their own integrations. Our API covers submitting product details, orders and purchase orders, modifying orders, receiving inventory and orders status updates and retrieving MI information.

Web-based Portal

Our web-based portal gives you full visibility of your inventory and order data and allows you to perform operations such as cancelling or holding orders. Protected via a firewall whitelist, your data is kept safe from unauthorised access and personal data is automatically anonymised when no longer needed.

Carrier Management

We operate rules-based carrier management to route orders to appropriate carriers based on a number of factors including order priority, weight, dimensions, contents and destination. As part of the setup process we work with you to implement optimal rules based on your unique order profiles.

Continuous Improvement

We continually invest in optimising our processes to improve efficiency and accuracy. We have spent years refining our WMS system to give us the ability to accommodate a wide range of real-world business requirements including serial number recording, batch and lot tracking, bundles, warehouse space optimisation and many other key innovations needed in a fast-moving industry.

Management Information

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) offers intuitive dashboards, automated self-service MI reporting, and comprehensive monthly billing data. This billing data breaks down all costs, right down to the individual expenses incurred for each order, including the cost of picking each line, consumables used, and postal charges.

Pro FS’ 20 years of experience provide you with class leading fulfilment services alongside advice to enhance your online store. Our fulfilment centre delivers practical and effective solutions. Contact us today and receive a response tomorrow.